Is It Easy to Buy Instagram Account via Third-Party Websites?

The new features and extreme popularity of Instagram make it a very alluring place for self-advertising and company’s promotion. Now you can upload videos that are longer than a minute using IGTV function. You can add goods directly to the profile and your customers will be able to buy things without leaving Instagram. It’s very convenient and simple.

In case you decide to try this promotion method as well, you need an account with a great following. You can either take a long way and build the page from scratch or you can buy a ready profile with lots of followers on it. Let’s discuss some things you need to know about such purchases.

Use one of the options

Purchasing an account, you need to realize how big of a risk it is. The website’s policy is against selling and buying account. If you are caught, the page will be permanently blocked and you can even hurt the reputation of your business.

Yet, if you decide to buy Instagram accounts, you need to do it either directly from the owner or via a third-party website. The second option is simpler since the site takes care of every step. You simply make an offer, pay to the website, and get your account. Only after the deal is finished, the seller will get his money. In this case, you keep your money protected. However, it’s only so if the website is trusted and reliable. There are lots of scams that look alike. Be aware of it and stay alert to avoid such problems.